We want people to be well supported through big life changes.

Transition from a child to an adult.

‘Transitions’ are big changes in the life of a person with learning disabilities, autism or other support needs.

For example

  • the time of diagnosis
  • starting school
  • leaving school
  • transition into adulthood
  • leaving the family home
  • getting older.


Transitions mean big changes for you, your family and carers.  During change you are all more likely to feel anxious or have other strong emotions.

Support for managing change is given by schools, Health and Social Care Trust’s Learning Disability Services and through social care providers.

4 diverse people with speech bubbles coming out of their mouths.

ARC NI advocates for and work towards

Good transition coordination and working together, led by key workers.

Person-centred and strength-based transition planning.

Good communication about transition and using accessible information.

Making sure people keep getting a range of services that support their health and wellbeing.