Telling It Like It Is


Getting the voices of people with a learning disability, autism or other support needs heard

Experts by experience from across Northern Ireland

We help each other to Tell It Like It Is and get our voices heard.

By standing together and speaking out for ourselves and others we know we can help make real change happen.

We are often invited to

  • speak at events
  • tell people what we think about important things happening in Northern Ireland
  • take part in research and project that look at new ways of doing things.

If you’d like to work with us, give us a call.


‘We are different ages, from different places and we work together to make things better.’

Learn new skills

TILII members support each other to learn new skills and be more confident.

We help each other to be the best we can be.

We learn about

  • our rights
  • keeping ourselves safe
  • respecting different values and beliefs
  • how we can help everyone be part of our communities and
  • ways to make change happen.


‘One voice can be ignored, all our voices cannot.’


Training others

  • We train people with a learning disability about advocacy and how to speak out for themselves.
  • We train new health and social care staff about our experiences of being supported.
  • We help staff do their jobs well and make a real difference to our lives.


‘Behind every person with a learning disability there is a human being who has a voice.’


Film and Report

We make films and write stories through TILII TV and Roving Reports.

  • We interview people.
  • We tell our stories and the stories of others.
  • We ask important questions.
  • We share useful information.
  • We have good craic!


‘TILII is about working hard, making a difference, and having a laugh’


TILII Translates Logo behind 4 members of Belfast TILII group who support our Accessible Information Service.

Make Easy Reads

  • We make hard information easy to understand through our Accessible Information Service, TILII Translates.
  • We make easy reads and easy to understand films.
  • We give people the information they need to make decisions and do more for themselves.


‘Getting rid of the jargon and making it into plain English so people can understand and speak out.’


Want to raise money to help us do our work?

TILII Groups

We have TILII groups across Northern Ireland in

  • Belfast
  • Bangor
  • Downpatrick
  • Enniskillen and
  • Muckamore.


If you want to be a TILII member, fill out our membership form and send it back to us.

Once we have your form we will talk to you, or someone who supports you, before your first TILII meeting.


News &

Events and news that challenge, inform and help you to take action.

Jun 20, 2024

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We were delighted to host an event as part of Learning Disability Week 2024.

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Jun 19, 2024

Future Home Guide Easy Read Launch

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Jun 17, 2024

The Difference We Made

ARC NI Impact Report 2023-24

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Jun 16, 2024

State of Caring Northern Ireland Survey 2024

Calling all carers across NI

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