Apr 21, 2024

When a person needs to be assessed for treatment they may be admitted to a specialist Learning Disability and Mental Health hospital.

In 2005, the Equal Lives report in Northern Ireland found that around 450 people lived in these specialist hospitals, their average stay being 20 years.

The report recommended that long-stay patients should be resettled into supported living as quickly as possible, with all patients relocated into the community by June 2011.

In 2022 resettlement was still not complete. An Independent Review was commissioned by the Department of Health reported significant resettlement between 2007 and 2020.  46 in-patients were left in Muckamore Abbey Hospital in June 2021 and 36 in-patients in July 2022.

The Minister for Health announced the closure of Muckamore Abbey Hospital in July 2022.  The deadline to resettle the remaining people living in Muckamore is June 2024.

Watch our TILII member, Bethany, tell you about her resettlement journey.

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