Meaningful Lives – the cliff edge of risk

Mar 25, 2024

On Friday 22nd March we had a meeting about Community Inclusion and Equal Citizenship.

ARC NI planned this event because service providers that offer meaningful day activities and supported employment, have been talking to ARC NI about the problems they see. This includes sustainable funding, the right amount of money and the security of it not being taken away. But in the conversations, providers also described their experience of supporting people with a learning disability, autism and other support needs to overcome barriers and lead a full and meaningful life.

We felt the time was right to bring different people together in a room and talk about the changes and chances to do things in life, from childhood through to adulthood.

Attended by 13 organisations that provide support, 13 Experts by Experience and 3 colleagues from the Department of Health, the day started with a personal story by a TILII member. The event was a day where everyone talked about their experiences of taking part in their community and having fair chances. Good and bad experiences were shared and a graphic facilitator was there to draw what was discussed.

A report of the day was produced. The agreed action was that we need to talk to Government Departments and explain what the reality is and how policies such as Programme for Government, the Disability Strategy and the Learning Disability Model can help to improve things.

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