Living Options


We want people to have good housing and support options.

3 people smiling in front of buildings and trees in their community.

A variety of living options are essential to meet what different people need and want.

Good homes should meet your needs and all living options should support you to be more independent and included within your community.

Finding the right home and support can help your

  • mental health, wellbeing and relationships
  • involvement in activities
  • and access to public services.

Your social workers can support you to find the right choices for you. They can tell you more about ways to use money from the government to pay for your housing and support.

A woman sat in a wheelchair and pointing to her choice of home.

Different living options are available across Northern Ireland.

Family home
Family members give you the support you need within your family home.

Supported Living
You have your own home or live in a shared house and this model of support helps you to maintain independence.

Care Home
You have a bedroom in a shared building and get 24-hour staff support.


Short breaks are stays away from your family home that give your carers a short break.

A picture of a plan with a person at the centre next to a bag of money.

ARC NI advocates for and work towards

Good long-term planning and funding for housing and support.

More accessible housing options near public transport and other community services.

Person centred planning that involves individuals and families in decision making.

Better governmental working with housing and support providers.

Active solutions for finding and keeping skilled health and social care staff.