Hosting Future Leaders in Social Work

Feb 23, 2024

We took an opportunity presented to us and talked to future Social Work leaders, discussing a tough topic.

We pride ourselves in ARC NI by asking ‘how can we help’ when we are approached.  We were delighted to be asked by the Health & Social Care Leadership Centre to provide an insight visit for Social Workers across Northern Ireland who are doing a course on leadership.

We thought long and hard about how to create an exciting, creative and thought-provoking session which showcased who we are and what we do.  We asked for help from the Department of Health, a learning disability provider and of course, Experts By Experience (three of our TILII members).  We decided to talk candidly about restraint and seclusion.

Together we described our roles and responsibilities and discussed our experience and challenges that we experience.  The session concluded in thinking how leaders need to work together to provide the best support to people who are experiencing distress.

The feedback from the visit was very positive.

“All the presentations were really interesting and thought provoking, and all from slightly different perspectives and angles on how the policy is and will impact.  The contributions from the service users were powerful and insightful, and always helps to remind me that leadership comes from so many different sources.  Thank you for your input and thoughts on leadership.  It is so inspiring for my learning and early leadership journey to see how you lead with such compassion and care and how much you value and model collaboration.”

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