Health and Wellbeing

We want people to have the healthcare they need.

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Everyone should have access to the same quality of health care.

It is important to have a health system that is for everyone and meets their needs.

There need to be changes made to help people with a learning disability, autism and other support needs to get the healthcare they need.

To do this we need to look at

  • increasing the confidence in dentists, doctors and wider healthcare staff in supporting people with a learning disability
  • making accessible health information
  • co-producing healthcare plans and co-ordinating care and
  • making reasonable adjustments in healthcare environments.
4 diverse people with speech bubbles coming out of their mouths.

ARC NI advocates for and work towards

More learning disability awareness training for staff.

More people going for their annual health checks.

More services for people who have a learning disability.

More Health Facilitators to help patients to get and understand health care services.

Better working between Community Learning Disability Teams and primary care staff.