Easy Reads Questions

Why is Easy Read important?

Easy Reads help people  

  • get services in their community  
  • be more independent 
  • and make choices. 

Easy Reads are a reasonable adjustment.  This means they are something a service can do to help everyone access them. 

Do people with a learning disability help make your Easy Reads?

YesWe work with a team of Experts by Experience to make and check our Easy ReadsOur Experts by Experience are all TILII members and adults with a learning disability. 

What information do you need to give a quote?

Please send us  

  • the document you want to be made into an Easy Read  
  • information about who the Easy Read is for 
  • the deadline you are working to.   
How much do Easy Reads cost?

We quote by looking at the length, difficulty and layout of a document and also factor in turnaround time. 

To keep your costs down, we recommend your make a summary of longer documents.  Make sure you include all the key points you want in your Easy Read. 

How long does an Easy Read take to make?

Easy Reads can take an average of 2-4 weeks to make, however some can be longer.  This will depend on the length, difficulty and layout of the documents being translated.  

Sometimes we can make documents more quickly because of a deadline. This will be reflected in your quote. 

We try to make any changes you need within 2 working days. 

What information do you need to start work on an Easy Read?

Send us  

  • your final document  
  • hi-resolution LOGOs  
  • any branding guidelines you want us to work to.   
Can you use an organisation’s branding in the Easy Read document?

We can use colours from your brandling guidelinesHowever, all our Easy Reads use the same accessible font. 

How many times can I make changes to the draft Easy Read?

Customers are asked to look through their Easy Read to make sure they are happy with the words, images and flow of the document

You can come back to us up to 3 times with as many changes as neededAfter this, an additional administrative fee may be charged.  

What paper size are Easy Reads?

Ideally, always A4This allows space for larger text and well-spaced images. 

Will my document be kept confidential?


What images do you use?

We use Photosymbols high resolution pictures and templates as well as some stock image and original photographs.  

What format do Easy Reads come in?

Documents are given to customers as a PDF that can be printed or used onlinePDF fillable forms can also be provided. 

How does checking and approving Easy Reads work?

You send us your Easy Read. We will send you our amendments, suggestions and commentsIf you make the changes we ask for, we will approve your Easy Read.