Standing up for you to make real change happen

A TILII Member stood with the ARC Director, Director of Positive Futures and First Minister of Northern Ireland, Michelle O'Neill.

We stand up for people with a learning disability, autism and other support needs and the people who support them.

By listening to our community, we offer a clear collective voice to decision-makers.

Facts, figures and stories of lived experience support us to make a powerful case for change.

Through facilitating meetings, we help identify common problems, explore solutions and build agreement on a way forward.

We plan for collective action and smooth the way for delivery, measuring success and reporting back to all those we work with.

“Thank you ARC NI for the tremendous work you do. We admire ARC’s approach in thinking beyond the norm and shaking up, challenging and ultimately changing how things are perceived and getting results within the landscape of learning disability.”

3 TILII members waving and smiling with ARC NI's TILII coordinator, dressed in festival outfits at learning disability pride.

Conference and Events

Our conference and events raise the profile of the learning disability community.

We celebrate successes, showcase new ways of doing things and champion change.

Every year, during Learning Disability Week, we

  • raise awareness about the rights of people with learning disability, autism and support needs
  • and celebrate their achievements.


A facilitator talks to a group of networking meeting members in the old ARC training room.


We make safe and supportive spaces for people to connect through our networks and share their experiences.

Participants talk about social care problems, human right issues, and much more.  We invite guest speakers to talk with us to help us explore solutions and share best practice.

ARC Director sits working at her laptop.

Public Consultations

We reply to public consultations to make sure the voice of the learning disability community is heard.

A public consultation is when everyone is asked to share what they think about something.


TILII member wears a gold glittery hat, pink glassed and a red bow tie while speaking into a silver microphone.

Telling it Like it is

Telling It Like It Is (TILII) bring together people with a learning disability to speak up for themselves, and others with similar experiences.

They get their voices heard about the problems they face and help people know how to make a real difference to their lives.