Accessible Information Service


Make your information easy to read and understand

TILII Translates Logo behind 4 members of Belfast TILII group who support our Accessible Information Service.

TILII Translates

Accessible Information Service

We make your information easy to understand so it can reach more people. 

Our aim is to remove information barriers so everyone can make informed choices and do more for themselves.

TILII Translates was set up in 2019 with support from Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. 

Our services are run with Experts by Experience. Their different communication needs and skills help us make your information more accessible. 

We make

  • Easy Reads
  • and plain English scripts and films.

A check and approve service is also offered. It tells you how to make your information more accessible.

“This makes such a difference for people who want to read and know about our plans.”

Equality Unit, HSC Northern Ireland

Our Customers

Easy Reads

We turn your written information into Easy Reads.

Easy Reads make hard information easy to understand by using

  • simple words
  • short sentences
  • and pictures to help explain what is being said.

They are used by

  • people with a learning disability
  • people who find it hard to read and write
  • people who have memory problems
  • and people who do not speak English as their first language.


Easy Read logo.
TILII member and film tutor looking into a film camera.

Scripts and Films

We make plain English scripts using the information you give us.

These scripts can be turned into films presented by TILII members.

Films can also be made with people you support if full written consent is given in advance.


A TILII member is in front of a flip chart in the back group. 2 other TILII members sit at a table and are checking and approving an easy read.

Check and approve

Our Experts by Experience tell you how to make your information more accessible. 

We can look at Easy Reads you have made or information that is in not in an Easy Read layout.   

We give advice about 

  • missing information   
  • information ordering 
  • language use 
  • pictures, colours and layout. 


Three bags stuffed with £50 notes and pound signs on them.

Get a Quote

Contact us for a quote on any of our accessible information services.

Please give the following information 

  • the service you wish to use 
  • who the accessible information is for 
  • and your deadline. 

Attach the document you wish to be checked, turned into Easy Read or a plain English video script.   

If you would like to talk through your needs please call us on 028 9038 0960.